the cocoa elf story


COCOA ELF arrived one day when playing with some new technology for meanings of CHOCOLATE — each time “COCOA” would appear somewhere in the text.

What about BROWNIE — well that is a surprise as it appears to be not only something YUMMY to eat but a small brown ELF that comes in the night to help with household chores.

CHOCOLATE BROWNIE can be translated to COCOA ELF — it sounded just perfect.

COCOA ELF can appear somewhere in your world — maybe we won’t help with household chores but we sure can help you feel YUMMY inside.



COCOA ELF is a new food venture for Mark & Deborah Ford.

Mark has been playing in kitchens for over thirty years and he is our oldest elf, we call him PAPA elf.

Deborah or MAMA elf did originally make the brownie in that tiny green kitchen many years ago for her little munchkins but PAPA elf worked his magic and perfected the recipe to the little magical delight it is today.

Together with their wonderful family of worker elves in a kitchen, they delight in bringing to you COCOA ELF.